The motives of visitors attending UK music festivals
Thank you for agreeing to participate in this survey, I am a BA (Hons) Banking and Finance undergraduate at the University of the West of England and the results of this survey will be used for the purpose of my dissertation.

Are you male or female?

How old are you?

What is your occupation?

How important are the following factors when considering attending a UK music festival?

The genres of music the festival has to offer

The specific artists that are playing

Ticket price

Festival design/artistry

To experience social activity

Festival capacity/size

Whether your friends are attending or not

To try something you wouldn't usually do at home


Knowing what to expect from the festival

Having a chance to dress up and express yourself

Festival brand reputation

To escape everyday stress

Expected weather

Additional entertainment (e.g cinemas, comedians, fun activities etc.)

Facilities (e.g toilets, food vendors, bars)

Stories told by peers about previous years

Advertisement through social media

Time of year

Record labels involved

Stage runners (who creates each individual stage)

Cost/time of travel to and from the festival

The time the music ends each night

Your own past experiences (if you have attended the same festival in previous years)

Would you/have you purchased a ticket before the line-up had been announced?

How many festivals did you attend last year?

If all tickets were free how many festivals would you of liked to attend last year?

Do you search for festivals to attend or wait to hear about them through friends, social media or flyers etc.?

Do you discuss going to the event with friends prior to actually purchasing the ticket?

Have you ever bought a ticket whilst having very little knowledge of the festival?

Have any of the following prevented you from attending a festival?

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